Welcome to the wonderful world of BarFly Mystery Bar Bus Tours!

Pray tell, what is this "BarFly Bus?"

BarFly Bus Mystery Bar Tours are decadent nights of pure fun! A typical tour will take you and 55 of your new best friends to eight to ten bars, clubs, lounges and dives, up, down, and all around our fair city. A top-secret meet-up spot is announced to ticket holders 24 hours prior to departure - what comes next will keep you guessing all night long. Rest assured, pick-up and drop-off is always at a convenient to public trans, centrally located, bar or club. We may take you to BFE, but we bring you back to civilization!

All cover charges are waived, complimentary hors d'oeuvres are served, and drink discounts abound! BarFly Bus tickets are $17.50-25 for most tours, and we offer discounts for groups of ten or more. You can also book the BarFly Bus for a private party, for any occasion. Give us a call or drop us an email for more info (info [at] barflybus.com).

To be up to the BarFly Bus challenge, you must be ready, willing, and able to take responsibility for yourself, the drinks you ingest, and the effects they may have upon you. Furthermore, you must pinkie swear that a cab driver or other sober individual will take your extra-fun self home at the end of the festivities. Pukers and other lightweights are discouraged from participating. You must be at least 23, and have your valid ID (Oregon State ID or Driver's License, other US Driver's License, or Passport) with you. Sorry, under 23 need not apply!

BarFly Mystery Bar Bus Tours will depart at least once a month. Book your seats now - they usually sell out, and sell out fast! Holiday runs, like Halloween, New Year's Eve, and Saint Patrick's Day, usually sell out weeks in advance. Discounts are available for groups of ten or more. If you have a birthday, a bachelor or bachelorette party, anniversary, work party, or anything to celebrate - the BarFly Bus is a great choice, with something for everybody in your group! It's also a great way to meet people and make new friends - folks fly solo on the BarFly Bus all the time.

Want to throw the best party ever? Do it on the BarFly Bus! We're available for private party charters to groups of up to 54 (and for smaller parties of up to ten folks, we offer the BarFly Van). Rates are reasonable, and full party planning services are included. Your group will get V.I.P. treatment, drink specials, appetizers, and pay absolutely no cover charges! We'll customize the route to your preferences, and can do special themes or games, like trivia competitions and scavenger hunts, too. Please email info [at] barflybus.com for more information, or click here for the lowdown on BarFly Bus Private Party Charters.

Please note, we also offer our tour planning/hosting services, for walking tours, and tours on other companies' vehicles (must be a legit transportation company, with full commercial insurance, etc. - we're not getting in any random vans, no matter how good the candy is!). We do all bus-free tours for $250/6 hours, and you get all the same deals, hosting, etc, as with a regular BarFly Bus Charter.

BarFly Bus Tours usually sell out at least a week in advance, so pick up your tickets, now! Use cold, hard credit or cash via our secure online payment processor (Intuit). Groups of 10 tickets are sold at a discount rate (but only a limited number of discount ten-packs are available for any given tour, so if you want to save, please book early!).

"The ultimate pub crawl"- Willamette Week, December 2006. Everybody loves the BarFly Bus!

Upcoming 2015 BarFly Bus Tour Dates: 

(Please click on the tour name to go to that tour's page for more info and tickets)

Ooky Spooky 15th Annual BarFly Bus Halloween Tour! Saturday, October 31st

Pre-Holiday Hellraiser BarFly Bus Tour! Saturday, November 21st

Santa's Mustache Ride VIII: BarFly's XXX-mas Tour! Saturday, December 12th

New Year's Eve 2015 BarFly Bus + Ball! Thursday, December 31st, 2015

Individual and discount 10-pack tickets are on sale RIGHT NOW, for all of the above, at their respective individual tour pages! Please click on down the list for more info about each tour, and your tickets.

Want to charter the BarFly Bus for a private party? We do that! Click here to visit the BarFly Bus Charter Page, or email info [at] barflybus.com for the lowdown.

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