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Santa's Mustache Ride - Treat your pals to tickets for Santa's Mustache Ride, on Saturday, December 12th - tickets are only $20 each! Click here for Santa's Mustache Ride tickets.

New Year's Eve BarFly Bus + Ball - Be the hero and win New Year's Eve for your whole posse with tickets for the New Year's Eve BarFly Bus + Ball - discount group rate tickets are still available! Click here for New Year's Eve BarFly Bus + Ball tickets.

2016 Strip-O-Rama 4-Packs - Tickets for all four 2016 BarFly Bus Strip-O-Rama Tours (all strip clubs, all night long!) are only $69 (heh, heh - a $100 value!)

2016 BarFly Bus Golden Tickets - $99 gets you a customized "Very Important BarFly" laminate and 8 tickets for your tours of choice in 2016 (use up to 2 at a time! A $270 value!)

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Did you know that the BarFly Bus has a 23-and-up age policy? Or that we do public tours every month, and private charter tours, too (though, sadly, not on Halloween)? Want more info about the BarFly Bus? Please visit Pay special attention to our fabulous FAQ

For more general information and the full schedule of upcoming BarFly Bus Tours, please visit

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