Trivia-tastic BarFly Bus with Shanrock the Trivia Jock - win $100! Saturday, October 12th

Trivia-tastic BarFly Bus with Shanrock the Trivia Jock!
Saturday, October 12th, 2013


$25 apiece or $80 for a team of four

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Pay no covers, get special drink deals, and hors d'oeuvres, too!

Fire up those frontal lobes for the Trivia-tastic BarFly Bus, on Saturday, October 12th. It's everybody's favorite kind of BarFly Bus, the kind where you can win COLD, HARD CASH!

BarFly hostess with the mostess, Shanrock the Trivia Jock, will be both your fearless leader and quizmaster - she's that good!

The winning ENTITY, be it a single smarty-pants or a pack of 'em, take a whopping HUNDRED BUCKS home, or to the nearest hooker/coke dealer/shoe store, whatever comes first!

This'll be our eleventh trivia-type BarFly Bus Tour, and my gosh, we've had some F-U-N, I tell you! This is how it works: you board the Bus at 7pm at the SECRET MYSTERY PICK-UP LOCATION, then you take round after round of trivia, in between round after round of whatever libation your little heart desires, all the while cruising clubs and bars and lounges all over this toddlin' town of ours.

It's a great way to show off just how brilliant you are, impress all the boys and girls, and get good and spifflicated, all at the same time. Saturday night's gonna be alright, indeed!

Again, that's Saturday, October 12th, 7pm-1am, and tickets will be flying off the shelves, so get 'em NOW.

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