Inquiring minds want to know...

Q. You say "23 and up"on the BarFly Bus page - what's up with that?
A. BarFly doesn't do 21st (or 22nd) birthday parties for one reason, and one reason alone - we're just not that into puke. In general, we do not allow anyone under 23 on the BarFly Bus, but for private parties, we do make occasional exceptions (try a polite, friendly, email!). Everyone in your party must be at least 21, however.

Q. What's a typical BarFly Bus Tour like?
A. You'll visit a variety of bars, clubs, pubs, lounges, and our favorite - dives! - during a typical BarFly Bus Tour.  We almost always include at least one karaoke stop, one dancing stop, and one live music stop. We are best known for our dive bar tours, and we specialize in off the beaten path, oddball joints. If you're looking to hit a bunch of downtown clubs, you probably won't enjoy the BarFly Bus (but on private charter tours, we'll take you wherever you want - including clubs, if that's your bag!).  Strip bars are only included on designated tours (like, Strip-O-Rama nights, or Santa's Mustache Ride), and on private charter tours, by request. All BarFly Bus Tours are "mystery tours," so we never reveal details of our itinerary (unless it's a private charter, and you want to know your itinerary).
All bars in Oregon are now non-smoking.  Most public tours start at 7pm, and end at 12am.

Q. Who goes on the BarFly Bus?
A. The BarFly Bus attracts a real cross-section of the drinking public. We get a mix of life-long Portlanders, newcomers, and tourists, on every BarFly Bus Tour. The median age is roughly thirty, but it's not unusual to see college kids and senior citizens, whooping it up on the same BarFly Bus.  The BarFly Bus welcomes, and is frequented by, all walks, from hipsters to squares, blue collars to trustafarians, gays to breeders, etc., etc., and is usually a happy mash-up of all of the above. Regrettably, the BarFly Bus is not wheelchair accessible (unless you have a fold-up chair, and don't mind being hauled bodily on and off the Bus, by your friends - please note, we ask that you notify us of any special needs, in advance. However, the BarFly Van is lift-equipped, and available for private parties!).
Please note, the BarFly Bus has a strict "no pukers, jerks, or fighters" policy. Violators will be promptly, and unceremoniously, ejected from the BarFly Bus.

Q. Why do you start and stop at different locations?
A. The BarFly Bus is firmly committed to thwarting any and all of our passengers' attempts at drinking and driving. To that end, your last stop will NOT be your pick-up/rendezvous spot. We always end the tour at a centrally-located (downtown Portland, or very close-in NE or SE) bar or club, that is convenient to public transportation, and where cabs are plentiful. We recommend that you get a ride, or take public trans to your rendezvous location, and plan on taking a cab, or having a sober friend drive you home. FYI - if it's a holiday (like, St. Pat's, Halloween, or New Year's), you may find the wait for a cab to be an hour, or more, at the end of the night. Private charter BarFly Buses will start and end at your location(s) of choice - including your home, hotel, or other non-bar location(s), as you wish.

Q. Will I be seated with my friends?

A. Most BarFly Bus Tours are conducted using only one bus at a time, but occasionally, we may have more than one Bus heading out for the evening (like, on New Year's Eve, etc.). If we will have more than one BarFly Bus, we will inform you of this when you receive your confirmation email, after you purchase your tickets. We do our best to accommodate group seating requests, but the only way to guarantee that you will all be on the same BarFly Bus is to have one person purchase all of the tickets for the group. All tickets purchased by the same person will automatically be seated on the same BarFly Bus.

Q. Do you offer group discounts?
A. A limited number of discount ten ticket packs are available for every tour. These tend to sell out, early, so be sure to grab one a.s.a.p. if you want to save big bucks. When the discount ten packs are gone, tickets are available at the regular price.  If you have more than ten in your group, please email to inquire about a group rate for your entire party. We do our best to accommodate all group discount requests.

Q. Do you offer refunds?
A. BarFly Bus Tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable, and re-sale is not permitted by third parties (that means you), without our express permission. Which is rarely granted, frankly.  On occasion, we may offer you the option to upgrade your unused tickets to "Open Ticket Status," which makes them good for any BarFly Bus for one year from the date of the originally scheduled tour. There is a $5 per ticket upgrade fee. This option expires 72 hours prior to any BarFly Bus Tour, and is only offered at our discretion, and is not available for every BarFly Bus. Please send a pleading, kiss-ass, email to, if you'd like to upgrade, or transfer, your tickets.

Q. What if I book a BarFly Bus private charter now, but change my mind on the date?
A. No problem! We'll re-book you for your date of choice, when you're ready.

Q. What will my private charter BarFly Bus Tour be like?
A. Your tour will be tailored to your tastes and specific requests. While BarFly is best known for its down and dirty dive bar tours, we do it all - clubs, lounges, pubs, you name it, we'll take you there. We'll do all the planning for you, and get you the same great deals you enjoy on our regular public BarFly Tours - no cover charges, discount drinks, and free appetizers, all included! And if you'd like a special theme party, trivia competition, or scavenger hunt, we've got you covered.  Your own BarFly Bus Host is included. Your BarFly Bus Host will wrangle your group, keep everyone on time and together, and make sure that you and your guests have the best time, ever!

Q. Does it have to be 5 hours? What if I don’t have 54 guests?
A. Our charter rate is the same for any time period, up to five hours. In general, we recommend 7pm-12am as the best tour time, but we can do any six-hour period. Our charter rate is also the same for any number of folks, up to 54. We also offer a BarFly Van Tour option for groups of up to fourteen. The cost is $499, for five hours. All of the regular private party BarFly Bus info applies to the BarFly Van Tours, as well. We recommend the BarFly Bus for any group of 20 or more.

Please note, we also offer our tour planning/hosting services, for walking tours, and tours on other companies' vehicles (must be a legit transportation company, with full commercial insurance, etc. - we're not getting in any random vans, no matter how good the candy is!). We do all bus-free tours for $250/5 hours, and you get all the same deals, hosting, etc, as with a regular BarFly Bus Charter.

Q. Can I talk to someone about this before I plunk down my money?

A. You bet, if by “talk”, you mean “email.” Email BarFly’s proprietor, Jen Lane, at, and she’ll answer all your questions. Be sure to include your phone number if you prefer to actually “talk.”

Q. Do you go to Washington? What about Clackamas? Tigard? Beaverton? Hillsboro?
A. You betcha! However, there may be an additional charge for travel time if you're really "out there." Email for more info.

Q. How long has the BarFly Bus been around?
A. The first BarFly Bus rolled out in May, 1999, and has been going strong, ever since. The BarFly Bus began as a promotion for the first issue of BarFly Magazine, but grew quickly into its own entity, from there. The BarFly Bus is owned and operated by Miss Jen Lane, the founder of BarFly Magazine (which is now online, at There is at least one public BarFly Bus Tour each month, and we do private party charters, anytime, by request.

Q. I lost something on the Bus. Can I get it back?

A. Possibly. Please email for information regarding your missing belongings.

Q. I think I met 'someone special' on the BarFly Bus. Can I get their number?
A. No. But send an email to, and if we can identify your beloved, we'll forward your contact info to them. We also recommend that you place free "Chance Meeting" and "I Saw You" ads in Willy Week, the Portland Mercury, and on Craigslist.

Q. Can I get my bar included as a stop on a BarFly Bus Tour?
A. Yes! The BarFly Bus visits all kinds of bars, lounges, pubs, clubs, and dives. The BarFly Bus is a great way to build business for any kind of venue. A typical BarFly Bus stop is about 45 minutes long, with 20-60 people (who spend an average of $10-15/person). We ask our participating venues to provide discounted drinks (like, happy hour prices), complimentary hors d'oeuvres, free admission, or some combination, thereof. We give preference to advertisers. For further information, please email

Keep checking back for more tours to be added in between, and after, what's already up on the site. And don't forget - you can book the BarFly Bus for Private Party Charters, too! Email for complete charter information.