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Having a birthday? Graduating? Are you a best man, maid of honor, bachelor or bachelorette? Is it your turn to plan the company's annual bash? Just want to reconnect with the "old gang"? The BarFly Bus is at your service!

Private parties on the BarFly Bus are fun, affordable, and include full party planning services. When you book the BarFly Bus, you'll get special deals, drink discounts, complimentary appetizers, waived cover charges, and full party planning services, including an extra-fun BarFly Bus host with most to wrangle your crowd and keep your party going strong!

Best of all, a five-hour private party charter for up to 50 of your closest friends is only $699!

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BarFly Bus FAQ

Q. What happens when I click the link (
A. You'll be whisked away to BarFly's website, to the BarFly Bus Charter page, where you can use any credit card, or your bank account, to reserve your BarFly Bus! The reservation deposit is 50% of the charter rate of $699. You'll be charged $349.50 when you make your reservation, then we will bill you for the remainder (due no later than fourteen business days prior to your tour date).

Q. How do I know I'll get the date I want?
A. BarFly guarantees you'll get the date you want, or you'll get a full refund, right away. Just write your date of choice in the note field when you make your reservation deposit. You'll receive an email confirmation of your private party date, the same day.

Q. What if I book now, but change my mind on the date?
A. No problem! We'll re-book you for your date of choice, when you're ready. In fact, if you know you'll be needing a BarFly Bus, but you're not sure when, you can still take advantage of our special sale price. Just write 'Date TBA' in the note field.

Q. You say '23 and up' on the BarFly Bus page - what's up with that?
A. BarFly doesn't do 21st (or 22nd) birthday parties for one reason, and one reason alone - we're just not that into puke. In general, we do not allow anyone under 23 on the BarFly Bus, but for private parties, we do make exceptions. Everyone in your party must be at least 21, however.

Q. What will my tour be like?
A. Your tour will be tailored to your tastes and specific requests. While BarFly is best known for its down and dirty dive bar tours, we do it all - clubs, lounges, pubs, you name it, we'll take you there. We'll do all the planning for you, and get you the same great deals you enjoy on our regular public BarFly Tours - no cover charges, discount drinks, and free appetizers, all included! And if you'd like a special theme party, trivia competition, or scavenger hunt, we've got you covered.

Q. Does it have to be 5 hours? What if I don't have 55 guests?
A. No problem! For parties of up to 11 folks, we offer the BarFly Van for $499. The BarFly Bus is recommended for parties of 12 or more, and seats up to 50 and costs $699. We also offer "BarFly Stumbles" (a walking tour option) for up to 30 guests for $250. Already have your limo? Our inimitable party planning and hosting services are also available for $250/5 hours in your vehicle (note: "your vehicle" must be a properly licensed commercial vehicle, like a limo, not just some dude's van!).

Please note, the charter rate for either the BarFly Van or BarFly Bus is the same for any time period, up to five hours. In general, we recommend 7pm-12am as the best tour time, but we can do any five-hour period.

Q. Can I talk to someone about this before I plunk down my $349.50?
A. You bet, if by 'talk', you mean 'email'. Email BarFly's proprietor, Jen Lane, at jen [at], and she'll answer all your questions. Be sure to include your phone number if you prefer to actually 'talk'.

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